Colin Farrell isn’t a fan of his action figure.

The actor, who plays The Penguin in “The Batman”, chatted to James Corden on Wednesday’s “Late Late Show”, when the host pulled out the figurine.

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A shocked Farrell joked, “The eyebrows are in the neighbourhood. I look like I’m wearing a sumo thing. The crotch is all wrong. Far too ample.”

Corden then pulled out fellow guest Patrick Stewart’s “Star Trek” Captain Picard figure, which the trio seemed way more impressed by.

Corden said of Farrell’s figure’s behind, “Look at the ass,” to which the actor responded: “It’s very flat, it looks like I’ve been sitting down for 10 years.”

Stewart then asked, “Could you just turn me around?” as Farrell gushed over how “pert” it was.

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Stewart insisted, “I swear to you I didn’t know,” to which Corden laughed: “Yeah you did… Look at that, it’s a tight peach.”

The group also spoke about space travel during the interview, with Corden asking Stewart whether he’d follow in William Shatner’s footsteps and head out there himself.

He admitted, “Yeah, I’ve thought about it… I think I would pass.”

Farrell, who said he was a nervous flyer, quipped: “I would pass out at the thought of it.”