Colin Farrell is the latest celeb to land in the hot seat on “Hot Ones”.

“My youngest boy, Henry, is very excited about me coming on,” Farrell says, admitting they watched a few episodes to prepare before digging into the wings. “It’s also breakfast so it’s a bit weird, just before the heat starts, it’s already a bit nasty already.”

Dipping his finger in hot sauce before the challenge even begins, Farrell says doing so “did me a favour.”

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“I messed myself up by having a dip of a later one, so the first one I didn’t even notice,” he says, adding he’s accidentally trailblazing a “Hot Ones” strategy. “Some of the best things I’ve done in my life have been accidents,” he laughs. “No intention on my part.”

He admits, sometimes as an actor, “You read scripts and you don’t connect in any way and sometimes you need money so you go and do them anyway. That’s happened a couple of times and even then, I’m very grateful.

“But sometimes I get spoiled where I really feel I connected to the material, it means a lot to me. I get to bring my uncertainty as a parent, my uncertainty as a partner in the past — I’m single now — my uncertainty as a friend, as a human being, ” Farrell says, citing the series “The North Water” and his latest, “After Yang”, as ones he really connected with. “I get to bring that to work, not as therapy per se, but it does come onto the dancefloor and I get to ask certain questions that I’ve already been asking myself, just as a man, you know.”

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Taking on the role of the Penguin in “The Batman”, Farrell says the use of a fat suit and prosthetics for the role was “absolute liberation.”

“I thought that it would be very limiting, I really did. I though it would just be very oppressed by [the prosthetics] and it was totally the opposite,” he says. “My eyebrows moved, my cheeks and my smile…it was f***ing insane. I didn’t have any fear that ‘Colin’ could be seen through it.”

“Some days you wake up as an actor and you’re having a s*** day like people do. You’ve had bad dreams, somethings not going right in your personal life and you’re going to work and have to pretend to be someone else, it sounds like a relief, you’re having a s*** time as yourself so you get to be someone else, [but] not really. You can’t not bring yourself to the party. You’re always there. So there was a buffer between me and my fellow actors with this mask on that just liberated me like I’d never been liberated before so it was just the complete opposite of what I thought. It was so much fun.”

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During the “Hot Ones” episode, Farrell also talked about having to perform in front of a Toby Keith concert crowd while filming “Crazy Heart”, working with Al Pacino on “The Recruit”, his career including “The Killing Of A Sacred Deer” and filming with Steven Spielberg and Terrence Malick.

Farrell can next be seen in “The Batman” and “After Yang”, both opening in theatres on March 4.