Nicola Coughlan and Claudia Jessie are opening up about “Bridgerton”s huge success ahead of the season 2 premiere on March 25.

Coughlan, who plays Penelope Featherington, aka. Lady Whistledown, and Jessie, who stars as Eloise Bridgerton, chat to Tatler about fame, similarities to their onscreen characters and what it’s really like to wear those incredible costumes.

Coughlan gushes over the fact that Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton are fans of the show: “It’s crazy to think that something you made has been seen by that many people in the world. It’s quite mind-blowing.”

Nicola Coughlan. Credit: Campbell Addy/Netflix © 2022
Nicola Coughlan. Credit: Campbell Addy/Netflix © 2022

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Coughlan’s Featherington was revealed as the sharp-tongued gossip writer Lady Whistledown in the season 1 finale, with her telling the mag: “I feel people perceive gossip as a negative thing and I don’t think it always is.

“I think there can be a lot of joy to be had when two people get together and you’re like, ‘Oh, that’s so exciting,’ or when friends get a new acting job and it has to be secret for a while – that’s all positive stuff.”

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Jessie, on the other hand, talks about growing up in London with her mother working hard and taking cleaning jobs to support them.

Claudia Jessie. Credit: Campbell Addy/Netflix © 2022
Claudia Jessie. Credit: Campbell Addy/Netflix © 2022

She tells the publication, “My mum thinks I’m a lot like Eloise, and you know, she raised me, so probably dealt with me when I was Eloising about, being a terror.”

Jessie adds of what it’s like getting to wear such incredible dresses, “I cried a lot when I’d wear them. When I tried them on in fittings, I remember one particular dress I was like, ‘I feel so lucky to be wearing this.’ And they said, ‘Do you want to go around and meet all the people who made this?’ And I did, sobbing. Unbelievable.”

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