Ben Stiller hasn’t left comedy behind just yet.

This week, the “Severance” director and his star Adam Scott sat down with Fox 5 New York’s Rosanna Scotto to talk about the oddball, but often quite serious new series.

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Talking about maintaining his own work-life balance, Stiller admitted, “I’ve always had an issue with that, for sure. Especially when you do something you really love doing, the you want to be doing it a lot.”

He added, “I think over the years, it’s figured itself out more.”

Scott also asked after making a number of more dramatic films and TV shows, if Stiller is interested in making more comedies, and perhaps more sequels to “Zoolander” and “Meet the Parents”.

“Those are all great movies and experiences that I had, and I’m always open to comedy,” he said. “I love comedy.”

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He continued, “It has been a little while since I’ve acted, but I love directing, too, so I don’t make any rules. I’m not going off to become a blacksmith or something.”

Asked if there are any plans for sequels, Stiller said, “I would love to. There’ nothing right in the immediate future, but if you have an idea, I’m open.”

Stiller has made one sequel in the “Zoolander” series, released in 2016, and “Meet the Parents” has had two sequels, most recently with 2010’s “Little Fockers”.