Dua Lipa isn’t going to let no mic stop her from putting on a performance.

The pop star was in Washington DC for her Future Nostalgia tour and performing “New Rules” when her dancing got a bit out of hand.

Lipa accidentally got too excited and the mic slipped from her hand into the audience. She tried to see where it went but had no luck. Thankfully, the audience knew the words so Lipa went back to the choreographed dance routine.

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With no time, a crew member slipped on stage to pass Lipa a new mic and like a true pro, Lipa nailed the next line of the song.

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“I got way too excited,” Lipa told the crowd once she got the mic back.

From DC, Lipa headed to New York City where she will be on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” Thursday night.