Russell Wilson wants his family with Ciara to keep on growing.

On Friday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, Ciara takes over as guest host, welcoming her husband to the show and getting a surprise in the process.

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As the interview starts, Wilson gives his wife a bouquet of roses, then gets down on one knee to ask her something incredibly important.

“I have a question for you – a serious question – can we have more babies?” he says. “Just give me one more at least.”

“We definitely can, but we got a little time before we get there!” Ciara answers, laughing. “We’ve already been there before … but I’m down to do it again, with you.”

Ciara has three children: 7-year-old Future, who she shares with ex Future, 4-year-old Sienna and 1-year-old Win.

Talking about Wilson’s parenting skills, Ciara says, “That’s one of the most sexiest things about you if I must say.”

“Yes, we do have our three little beautiful babies, and I love seeing you in daddy mode, it’s the cutest thing,” Wilson says. “I also have to say is I love seeing you with Sienna, I’m a daddy’s girl.”

The football player also reveals that he came up with Sierra’s name by combining the name Ciara with his sister Anna, who is a college basketball player for Stanford.

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Also on the show, Wilson and Ciara play a game of “Burning Questions”, revealing everything from their nicknames for each other to the things that annoy them about each other.

“Two things: You take five showers a day,” Wilson says. “And the second thing is you eat my damn food.”