Mira Sorvino is looking back at working with Woody Allen and Harvey Weinstein.

Sorvino, who earned an Academy Award and Golden Globe for Allen’s 1995 “Mighty Aphrodite”, told Marc Maron on his “WTF” podcast about how it affected her.

“It’s so hard to talk about it now because I now have a very different opinion of Woody than I did then. And I blame myself for not investigating further into what happened with Dylan [Farrow],” she said. Farrow allegedly suffered abuse from her adoptive father, Allen.

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“It really, in a certain way, ruins ‘Mighty Aphrodite’ for me, ruins my Oscar performance, ruins that start of my career, because I treasured it for years and then it’s like, I should have denounced him and I should have known it then,” Sorvino said. “I didn’t know it then but I didn’t look deep enough to actually educate myself to really make an educated opinion at the time. It’s not an excuse, I should have.”

She said just because she thought Allen was “brilliant” doesn’t mean “he’s not a terrible person who hurt his daughter, who hurt a child, and there is no forgiveness for that.”

Sorvino said that it was her role in that film that caused Harvey Weinstein to become interested in her. Sorvino later came forward with allegations of sexual abuse against the disgraced producer.

“It really taints it. And it’s so crazy that so much of much of my early career is tainted by [Allen] and by Harvey Weinstein,” Sorvino added. “It’s sort of breathtaking.”

Sorvino was one of the first women to come forward with allegations against Weinstein, who she also worked on “Blue In The Face”, “Beautiful Girls” and “Mimic” with.

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Sorvino and Farrow have since become friends. “She’s an amazing person, and I have no doubt in my mind that [she] is telling the truth,” she said of Farrow.

Weinstein was found guilty of a first-degree criminal sexual act and third-degree rape in 2020 and is serving 23 years in jail. Allen has maintained his innocence of molesting Farrow when she was 7.