Oprah Winfrey has her eyes on the ongoing battle in Ukraine.

Winfrey writes about the response from Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the courage of Ukraine’s people and the international response to Russia’s aggression

“President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a former actor who until recently was known as Ukraine’s ‘accidental president,’ has left more experienced peers everywhere in awe,” Winfrey writes in an essay for Oprah Daily.

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“A fiery speech he delivered Sunday to European Parliament brought many in the audience—among them his translator—near tears. He has not only risen to the occasion but has united the world around his country’s cause and shown us what true, inspirational leadership looks like.”

Winfrey ponders on various countries’ responses to Russia’s attack.

“What we’re witnessing in Ukraine and in the world’s response to it is what we can do when we connect, when we allow ourselves to imagine what another might be feeling,” Oprah says.

“We are witnessing something truly powerful, and it may be the light under the fire we need to fight for each other, instead of fighting one another. To remember that our democracy is something we have to work on, and fight for, each and every day.”

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Winfrey praises the boots on the ground in Ukraine. The strength of Ukraine’s people reminds Winfrey of a statement made by Maya Angelou.

“Already many lives have been lost, and families separated, and doubtless there are dark days to come,” Winfrey writes.

“But if courage is the most important virtue, and like Maya, I believe it is, then the Ukrainian people are giving us a big lesson in how to act courageously, and now we need to ensure that those lessons endure, every day forward, in everything we do.”