Kate McKinnon highlighted Florida’s “unconscionable” “Don’t Say Gay” bill during “Saturday Night Live”.

The comedian stopped but the Weekend Update where she slammed the legislation passed by Florida’s House of Representatives that would stop educators from talking to students about LGBTQ+ topics.

“I’m sorry to barge in here. I heard about this law and I think it’s amazing,” McKinnon started. “When I was in middle school in the ’90s, I was kind of tortured by the constant use of the word ‘gay.’ Like, ‘Oh, that’s so gay. Ew, you’re gay.’ It made me feel horrible.”

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“To hear that [Florida governor] Ron DeSantis has taken a stand and said, ‘No, you cannot say gay at school anymore,’ I’m just so jazzed. And in Florida of all places,” McKinnon joked.

Weekend Update co-host Colin Jost then burst her bubble.

“I feel like there’s been a misunderstanding. The law actually means that you can’t acknowledge that ‘gay’ exists at all,” he explained. “Yeah, like teachers can’t speak about gay people in history, or if a kid has a gay family member. And if a kid confides that they’re gay to a teacher, the teacher has to out them to their parents. Sorry to break this to you. It’s probably going to affect what you have to say.”

“No, it’s ok. It’s just that thing of when they say, ‘Don’t say gay,’ then it’s stuck in your head. But it’s fine,” McKinnon said. “Anyway, I am deeply gay — sorry, deeply concerned. It just seems like this is going to make kids gay and trans — sorry, depressed and suicidal. And I just think these laws are lesbians — I’m sorry, unconscionable. I’m trying to make sense of all this. Like, does this ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law have a purpose?”

“Well, I guess it’s so kids aren’t going home with questions that parents don’t want to answer. I don’t know,” Jost suggested.

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McKinnon had the perfect response.

“Right. So one kid can say, ‘I live with my parents,’ but another one has to say, ‘I live in a house with two adult men who bought me when I was young’? They’ll be less confused then. Look, Colin. If the ’90s were right and gay means bad, then this is the gayest law I’ve ever seen.”

Ariana DeBose turned to Twitter to agree with McKinnon. “Cue me: Belting from the rafters 🗣🏳️‍🌈 GAY GAY GAY, GAY, GAY GAY GAY. GAY GAY GAY, GAY- GAY.”

The Parental Rights In Education Bill passed by a vote of 12-8 last week, it will now move to the Senate floor.

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