“Puberty really hit” with 20-year-old singer Luke Taylor.

On Sunday’s “American Idol”, the TikTok star, who has already amassed over two million followers on the platform, brought the gift of his uniquely deep voice to the audition room.

As Taylor explained, his voice started to drop when he was 16 or 17 years old, and he went from singing alto to singing below bass.

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For a little fun, the producers had Taylor start his audition by doing a fake movie trailer voice-over for a movie about Luke Bryan, who immediately ran to grab a golden ticket the moment he heard the aspiring singer’s voice.

For his performance, Taylor took on Johnny Cash’s classic “Ring of Fire”, causing Lionel Richie to remark, “He sings lower than Cash.”

When the performance was over, Bryan jumped up to say, “Well, listen son, you’re going to Hollywood. As I don’t care if I have to cut an arm off,” before handing him his phone with some lyrics to “Frosty the Snowman” for him to sing.

“If my wife sends something to this phone I want you to get out of it real quick,” the judge joked.

After Taylor knocked the holiday classic out of the park, Bryan remarked, “We don’t want you to be a novelty Christmas song singer. But voices like you have, there’s always a place for them.”

Perry expressed some doubt, saying, “I think it’s cool, but if you don’t give us those other notes, it’s just one gimmick. So I’m a little bit worried that it’s gonna be funny but not seriously able to compete.”

“I don’t think this is gonna go all the way. On the other hand, Hollywood Week is an interesting week… It’s gonna be yes from me,” Richie added.

Bryan voted yes, which Richie also finally decided to vote yes, but Perry was still a no.

“Luke, I like you a lot. I want to hear Christmas songs forever from you. In terms of the competition, I think it’s just a little bit impractical unless you’re gonna use those other notes,” she explained. “You’ve gotta use those other notes, so I’m gonna have to say no for ‘American Idol’.”

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But with two yeses, Taylor had enough for that golden ticket to Hollywood.

“I think you’re gonna be fun in Hollywood Week!” Bryan said.

“I never thought this would happen,” Taylor said of getting the golden ticket. “It feels awesome to have this in my hand.”