Lady K dared to take on a Katy Perry song in front of the lady herself on Sunday’s “American Idol”, and her efforts paid off.

The singer revealed how she was once homeless and had to deal with the heartbreaking death of her brother Poppy by suicide, insisting she wanted to do him proud with the audition.

“There was a time where my family and I ended up living in a shelter,” the 25-year-old from Tuskegee, Alabama, shared in a VT. “I’m the oldest so I instantly wanted to step up and to help out.”

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She added of her brother’s suicide, “That was one of the hardest things that my family ever had to go through.

“It was hard to decide if paying rent was gonna come first because we need somewhere to live or paying for a funeral because we don’t have our brother anymore.”

Lady K then told the judges how she would be putting her own spin on “Wide Awake”.

“I just wanna say ‘How dare you!'” Perry joked after the performance.

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“Every song that I’ve ever attached myself to from you has been for the underdogs, for people like me,” Lady K told the singer.

Perry gushed, “It’s like you reinvented the song, it’s like your heart is shining through your vocal cords.”

Lionel Richie insisted Lady K “sang a Katy Perry song and turned it into you,” later adding: “Lady K, you’ve made my day.”

Bryan told the hopeful, “You’re why we’re here.”

Lady K nabbed three yeses and is now heading to Hollywood.