Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have a hand-holding problem.

On Monday’s “Live with Kelly and Ryan”, Ripa welcomed her husband as guest host and the two explained why they often have a hard time holding hands.

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“We just tried someone thing we never do at home but for some reason, we tried it backstage: holding hands. Which, as you know, we are arm length incompatible,” Ripa said, as per People.

“For those of you just tuning in, Mark’s arms are — you know how they say that you hold out your arms and your wingspan is the length of your body? Mark’s arms are 4 inches longer than the length of his body and interesting, [mine] are 4 inches shorter,” she continued. “But when we try to hold hands … you want to show everybody what happens when we try to hold hands?”

“Sure, why not,” Consuelos said, and the two stood next to each other, showing how the different sizes of their arms makes it tricky to walk hand-in-hand.

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Consuelos added, “So we have to hold hands like this,” as he and Ripa stood several feet apart, holding hands from afar.

“Not kidding. That’s how we walk and hold hands,” Ripa laughed. “You know, in New York, people are like, ‘Yeah, take up the whole sidewalk!’ And I go, ‘Have you seen our arms? Shut it! Go around us!'”