Rosario Dawson is fighting America’s second civil war in the new “DMZ” trailer.

HBO Max’s four-part limited series produced by Ava DuVernay is based on Brian Wood’s DC Comics series of the same name.

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The United States is in the second civil war as a group of secessionist armies called Free States of America fights the rest of the country. Manhattan is now a demilitarized zone with no government and overrun with criminal gangs.

Benjamin Bratt, Venus Ariel, Freddy Miyares, Hoon Lee ,and Jade Wu also star.

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Writer Roberto Patino explained the show to IndieWire.

“It’s a story about a fractured people that are coming together. We have a civil war between the Free states of America and the United States of America. It takes place eights years into that DMZ where the rule of law is basically dictated by the most powerful person at any possible time and that can change from block to block.

“DMZ” premieres on HBO Max on Match 17.