Sir David Attenborough’s “The Mating Game” is coming to Canada and we have your exclusive sneak peek above.

A synopsis for the BBC Earth Canada show reads: “In the animal kingdom, there is a challenge that unites all animal life on Earth – one that allows them to pass on their genes to the next generation and continue life’s precious cycle.

“It is nature’s ultimate quest — the pursuit of a mate.”

Attenborough lends his distinctive voice to the five-part series that “explores the most intimate details of life from every corner of the globe to reveal how animals overcome the challenges of their worlds to reproduce and leave a lasting legacy.”

“‘The Mating Game’ shows the natural world at its most spectacular,” says Attenborough.

“Animals set out to impress one another when they start courtship and mating and my goodness how impressive they can be, so it makes for a wonderful sight. The equipment animals have for their mating displays, the feathers, all the paraphernalia, it can be very dramatic.”

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“Following our ratings success for Sir David Attenborough’s ‘A Perfect Planet’, we jumped at the chance to bring this new BBC Earth landmark series, ‘The Mating Game’, to Canadian audiences,” says Craig Junner, VP, Programming, Canadian Media, Blue Ant Media.

“Sir David has a timeless appeal that transcends age-groups and borders. His message of appreciation for wildlife and nature is very important, which is why we’ve scheduled the premiere of ‘The Mating Game’ during our free preview window, so millions of Canadians can enjoy this stunning natural history series.”

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The series was filmed in 22 countries spanning six continents and featuring 80 unique species.

A synopsis continues, “From the great expanses of the grassland, to the deep ocean and tangled jungles, each episode captures the compelling efforts from across the animal kingdom that highlight how ruthless and unpredictable the ‘mating game’ can be.”

“The Mating Game” premieres Sunday, March 13 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on BBC Earth in Canada during the channel’s nationwide free preview event.

BBC Earth is also available on Prime Video with “The Mating Game” airing simultaneously from March 13.