Yegor Gordeev is host of Ukrainian TV morning show “Breaking with 1+1”, which has continued to broadcast from Kyiv as Russian forces assault the city.

Gordeev appeared on “Good Morning Britain” last week, revealing that he and his crew continue to film their show — but are no longer in their studio, but in a bomb shelter.

“I am not sure I am safe, but I hope so,” Gordeev told the hosts of “Good Morning Britain.”

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“So what about me and what about our broadcasts and what about our breakfast show? Now during the morning, our broadcast, we have to leave the studio immediately a couple of times,” he continued.

“It’s not an ordinary studio,” he said of the makeshift studio within the shelter. “There’s a table and a kitchen — it is not what we remember before the war.”

The Russian invasion, Gordeev explained, fundamentally changed Ukrainian television.

“Now, what about broadcasts in Ukraine? Now there are no TV shows. There are no TV channels in Ukraine. There is only one, a big TV broadcast in Ukraine,” he said.

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“All TV channels in Ukraine have united into one TV channel that is non-stop 24-7, 24 hours into seven days. They form some communication with millions of people in Ukraine,” he added.