Jennifer Garner almost had a kitchen disaster on Christmas Eve.

The actress chats to Ellen DeGeneres on her show Wednesday, with the host sharing a clip of Garner dealing with a fire on her stove.

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She shares of her kitchen mishap, “I didn’t actually set it on fire… I might have put my kitchen in peril. It was Christmas Eve and I was making a beef bourguignon.

“I doubled it, and I have doubled it before but I’ve never doubled the alcohol all at once. It’s cognac, it’s flammable.

“I was prepared to do something, I stood and made a face. I grabbed the lid, I was ready to put the lid on top and if that didn’t work I was going to use baking powder/soda,” she adds, before Andy Lassner confirms baking soda is safe, while baking powder is highly flammable.

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The mother of three, who has been busy promoting her new movie “The Adam Project”, also reveals how she wasn’t allowed to use the word “butt” growing up or talk about bodily functions.

DeGeneres then asks her about turning 50 on April 17.

The star responds, “I’m excited, why not? I don’t know why I feel surprised that I’m suddenly turning 50… I like the idea that all of a sudden I’m allowing myself to believe that I know what I know. It’s empowering.”