The drama is heating up in the new season of “Tehran”.

On Wednesday, Apple TV+ debuted the first teaser for season 2 of the action-packed espionage thriller, with Glenn Close joining the cast.

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Close will play Marjan Montazeri, a British woman living in Iran, who appears to be working with hacker-agent Tamar, played by star Niv Sultan.

“We’re playing a long game here. Not just one operation. Now that we’re working together, my life depends on the decisions you make,” Marjan tells Tamar in the teaser. “Unless we are completely transparent with each other, it will end very badly for us.”

In the series, Tamar infiltrates Tehran under a false identity to help destroy Iran’s nuclear reactor. When her mission fails, Tamar must plan an operation that will place everyone dear to her in jeopardy.

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The second season sees new missions, with the teaser giving fans a glimpse at all the spy craft, car chases, and more they can expect when the show returns.

Shaun Toub, Shervin Alenabi, Arash Marandi, and Shila Ommi also star.

“Tehran” season 2 premieres Friday, May 6.