Alicia Keys is turning her creativity to the world of comics.

The musician spoke about her new graphic novel “Girl on Fire” on the March 8 episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”.

The book follows Lola, a young girl from New York City who discovers she has superpowers.

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“She is from Brooklyn, she’s raised by a single father who’s also raising her brother,” Keys explains. “Her mother is actually not around — as you read the story you’ll find out why. And her brother was racially profiled and attacked by a police officer and she got so upset, she wanted to protect him and she just didn’t know what to do.”

Young Lola finds herself at a loss for what to do with her newfound abilities, which the artist calls a metaphor for the power within everyone.

“She’s trying to figure out what do I do with this energy?” she continues. “How do I harness it? How do I use it? Am I crazy? And the whole book is really a metaphor to the superpowers we all have and trying to find our way to harness it.”

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A wordsmith herself, Keys hopes her book will help share her love of the written word with the next generation.

“I think it’s a beautiful way to introduce kids to just continue to fall in love with words and reading, and I’ve been so grateful to have fallen in love with words,” she added.

She named it after her 2012 hit song of the same name which she actually wrote at an all-time low.

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“The song ‘Girl on Fire’ has been such a powerful statement, and I wrote it when I didn’t feel on fire,” the 41-year-old says. “I wrote it when I felt like I couldn’t make it, when I saw my friends and my family members failing as women, feeling defeated, and reminding us that there is nothing that stops us, we are on fire.”

“Girl on Fire” is available now online and in bookstores.