Christie Brinkley is drawing attention to the dangers of nuclear radiation from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, describing the perilous situation as “a game of Russian roulette” that should concern the entire world.

In addition to being one of the all-time great supermodels, Brinkley currently serves as vice president of the Radiation and Public Health Project, and shared her concerns in a letter to the New York Times.

As Brinkley wrote, it was “nothing short of a miraculous stroke of luck” that the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant — the largest of its kind in Europe — had avoided a “massive meltdown” when it caught fire due to shelling from Russian troops.

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“Will there be another near disaster? Will we be so lucky next time? We can’t afford to find out,” she continued.

“Every Ukrainian life lost in this unwarranted invasion would be for nothing if the land Ukrainians love is contaminated with radiation and uninhabitable. It would be an unthinkable loss for Russians, too, and a meltdown could result in mass evacuations in Europe, as radiation knows no boundaries,” she added.

Brinkley suggests that “an international expert panel is urgently needed to develop rules protecting nuclear plants during warfare.”

Brinkley concluded on an ominous note: “We can’t just hope we’ll be so lucky next time; this is a game of Russian roulette the world can’t afford to play!”