Benedict Cumberbatch is a master of impressions.

This week, the “Power of the Dog” star appeared at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where he was presented with the Vanguard Award by director Jane Campion.

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Before accepting the award, though, Cumberbatch sad down for a length Q&A, and was asked about his apparently boundless talent for impersonating celebrities.

He started off by doing a perfect imitation of the night’s moderator, Deadline awards columnist Pete Hammond, before showing off his Jack Nicholson when prompted.

“Where is the Batman?” he said in Nicholson’s voice.

He also did impressions of Michael Caine, Christopher Walken, Jeff Goldblum and even his “Spider-Man: Now Way Home” co-star Tom Holland.

“I’ve seen that guy grow! He’s a MAN now, he ain’t a boy!” Cumberbatch said.

Later in the evening, Campion came out to present the Cinema Vanguard Award to Cumberbatch, saying, “Every generation has their wunderkinds. First there was Olivier, then there was Daniel Day Lewis… and now there is you.”

“Vanguard means to be at the front of something, doesn’t it?” Cumberbatch said, accepting the award. “You can’t really be at the front of anything without anyone behind you… I do feel like I’m standing on the shoulders of many, many people… I thank every single one of you that has paid for a ticket and gone to a theatre.”

Also in the conversation with Hammond, Cumberbatch talked about his work in “The Power of the Dog” and “The Electrical Life of Louis Wain”.

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A tribute to Cumberbatch during the event included a montage of the actor’s many varied and powerful performances over the years.

On the red carpet at the event, Cumberbatch admitted, “To have my name up in lights there, it’s wonderful, but very surreal.”

Talking about receiving the award, he said, “It’s a remarkable moment to take stock and reflect a little bit on what’s come before this moment.”