Kylie Jenner is back on social media after giving birth to her son Wolf.

The make-up mogul took to Instagram to promote a new line of lipstick from her beauty company, but had a surprise guest in the video.

“Okay, so I know I’ve been MIA for a while,” she shared in a new Instagram Story.

As she adjusted the camera angle, her daughter could be seen peeking in the corner.

“Stormi wants to be in this,” she smiled.

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Kylie Jenner and Stormi – Photo: Instagram/@kyliejenner
Kylie Jenner and Stormi – Photo: Instagram/@kyliejenner

Stormi eventually crawled over from the backseat of the car to poke her head into the video.

“Get out of here,” Jenner teased. “Let me do this for two seconds.”

The 4-year-old reluctantly went back to her seat as her mother continued her video.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi – Photo: Instagram/@kyliejenner
Kylie Jenner and Stormi – Photo: Instagram/@kyliejenner

The adorable exchange comes after Jenner gave birth to baby Wolf in early February 2022.

E! News reported Jenner and Travis Scott were trying to adjust to a new schedule after welcoming a new child into the family.

“Kylie is doing really well and is happy to be out and about again after having baby Wolf,” a source told the outlet. “She feels relieved to be able to feel comfortable leaving the house again and get back to some sort of normalcy.”

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The make-up mogul has recently been spotted in public again since giving birth.

“Her recovery process has been going really well and she’s starting to feel like herself again,” the source continued. “It’s always hard the last month of pregnancy and she was very ready to have the baby. She’s taking it easy but is excited to get back into a fitness routine and will ease back into working out once she is cleared.”

As they try to adjust to a sense of normalcy again, Jenner and Scott are also trying to figure out how to make a family of four work.

“Kylie and Travis are both doing really well together and are adjusting to a new schedule,” a source told the outlet in February. “They had their routine down with Stormi, so they are now having to get back into the swing of things like having to be up at all hours of the night and accommodating two kids at the same time. They are adjusting and Travis has been helping Kylie a lot.”

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As for how Stormi has been taking to being a new older sister, they said she was loving it.

“Stormi is obsessed and is constantly saying ‘baby brother’ and wants to hold him,” the second source added. “Travis and Kylie love seeing her as a big sister and they tried to prepare her as much as they could.”