James Corden isn’t great at trash talking.

Jennifer Garner and Greg Kinnear joined the host for a “Late Late Show” skit this week in which the trio attend a basketball game.

Garner and Kinnear yell insults to the opposing team members in a bid to distract them, but Corden doesn’t quite see the line that separates trash talk from threats.

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Garner starts off by pointing out there are “two minutes left” so they have to “let them know we’re here,” then shouts, “You guys playing basketball or are you playing dead?”

Corden, on the other hand, yells at the basketball players to iron their wrinkled shirts.

As the pair insist the host needs to be harsher and more aggressive with his jabs, he then shouts that he is going to “kill” one player and steal his dog.

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It turns out the trash talk is VERY inappropriate no matter what they all say. See more in the clip above.