Will Smith is opening up about how he got to be the person he is today.

The “King Richard” star sat down for an interview with Gayle King on “CBS Sunday Morning”, set to air this weekend, and talked about the role his difficult childhood played in his life.

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“I thank God for my suffering, you know?” Smith says in a preview clip. “My suffering helped me to become who I am, my suffering helped me to build a life and the family and helped me to find the truth that I base my life on today.”

“How did suffering do that for you, Will?” King asks.

Smith explained, “I think that having to solve the problems of our lives is how God teaches. I think that life is the curriculum and your experiences whatever you are experiencing is perfectly designed for you to learn the lessons you need to learn.”

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In his memoir, which was published last year, Smith got candid for the first time about growing up in an abusive home, where his father beat his mother until she left the household.

The absence of his mother, Smith wrote, led him to suicidal thoughts at age 13, and even thoughts of killing his own father later in life.

The full interview with Gayle King will air this Sunday, March 13.