The fraught relationship between one of the couple’s in the second season of “Love Is Blind” has become even more so.

On March 9, Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee took to Instagram to share a video in which he apologizes to Deepti Vempati — to whom he got engaged on the show but who ultimately left him at the altar — due to some insulting comments he made during filming.

As the Daily Mail outlined, Chatterjee told another member of the cast that he wasn’t “physically attracted” to Vempati, complaining, “It feels like I’m with my aunt or something.” He also raised viewers’ hackles when he asked Deepti, during one of their earliest conversations, whether he would “have trouble picking her up.”

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In the wake of the backlash, he told Vempati in his video that he “wanted to take this opportunity to really just say sorry to a woman that I know I hurt,” adding that he was “truly sorry for some of the things that I said.”

He continued by stating, “And even though I knew our relationship wasn’t going to end in marriage, I didn’t want what we had to end, either. I loved every second of it. And I’m so, so sorry that I hurt you with my words. That’s the last thing that I wanted from all this. I’m sorry.”

Vempati, however, is not buying his apology, dismissing his words as “fake” and “insincere.”

“This is the first time he’s apologized. Right before he made that video, he sent me the same text message. But for me… it’s too late,” she told the Mail.

“I feel like he’s just doing damage control and clearly what he’s continued to do on social media since that apology, it’s evident that he does not care. He did that for show. He did that to get less hate but he’s not sorry,” she continued.

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“I honestly don’t want anything to do with him and his apology is fake. It feels insincere,” Vempati added, insisting the only reason behind his apology was to blunt the “hate” he’d been receiving from “Love Is Blind” viewers.

“Why now? After four to five weeks of this happening… as soon as episode 1-4 dropped he should have been apologizing if it really was sincere and from the heart,” she explained. “He’s only done it because he’s getting a lot of hate.”