Pop-punk musician Yungblud’s new music video for “The Funeral” features a few surprise guests.

The English singer released the video on YouTube on March 10.

It opens with Ozzy Osbourne standing over the star’s coffin, and asking, “Hang on, is this a f–king funeral? Where the f–k is everybody?”

Yungblud seems fine, however, as he throws a rager at what seems to be his own funeral.

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As the excitement dies down, he leaves the venue for a smoke break when he’s suddenly run over by a car.

None other than Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy are behind the wheel.

“What the f–k was that?” he asks Sharon.

“Just some f–king poser,” she replies.

Unbothered, the former “Black Sabbath” singer tells her to “run him over again then.”

The new single from the artist is “about ego, death, rebirth, and f–king dancing on your grave,” according to the singer.

He told Metal Hammer the song is “Inviting everyone to join you, but if you’re on your own and you’re the only one dancing — that’s fine, too.”

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“For this new music, I looked at myself in the mirror and said, ‘You ain’t gonna be around forever, how do you want to be remembered? And if you were hit by a car tomorrow and you could sing one more thing before you become worm food, would this song be it?’ Truly, the answer is yes. I would take this to my grave.”