Steph Curry has made the day of a young fan.

In a video shared on Instagram by the Golden State Warriors, Curry greets 10-year-old fan PJ O’Byrne at Ball Arena in Denver ahead of the Warriors’ 113-102 victory over the Denver Nuggets.

As NBC Sports reported, O’Byrne — who lives in Denver — is a huge fan of the Warriors star, so much so that her parents bought her tickets for the Warriors’ Dec. 30 matchup with the Nuggets as a birthday present.

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That game was cancelled and rescheduled for Monday, March 7, and O’Byrne and her family were in the crowd for the game.

However, O’Byrne was disappointed to learn that Curry would be sitting out that game, with a video of her tearful response subsequently going viral on Twitter.

When Warriors staff found out, she and her family were invited back for Thursday’s game, where the emotional youngster broke into tears of joy when she was greeted personally by Curry.

“I’m sorry about Monday, but we made it up, right?” Curry tells O’Byrne, who was sitting courtside. “Hope you have a good time tonight. I’m so glad that you love basketball.”

Asked by a reporter about his interaction with O’Byrne, Curry replied, “That’s what the NBA is all about, our fans are everything, you know it’s a good time to be a fan…. I told her, I appreciate the support, the love, like that passion for what we do on the court, it makes it all worth it.”