The faux-feuding bromance between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman has been on display on the actors’ social media for years, but director Shawn Levy says he’s anxious to bring the hilarity to the screen.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Levy expressed his desire to team up the two.

“What we want is to fold it all in together and make a big, fat bromance sandwich of a movie, because the world wants the Hugh Jackman-Ryan Reynolds movie,” Levy proclaimed.

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“I don’t know exactly what it’s going to be, but I know it needs to be me who directs it,” added Levy, who directed Reynolds in “Free Guy” and “The Adam Project”, and also helmed the Jackman-starring “Real Steel”.

If his dream project ever does come to fruition, Levy already knows who he’d like to see in charge of the film’s marketing campaign: Ryan Reynolds.

“Ryan is a fountain of creativity and a true marketing savant. He just has that superpower. So when he gets ideas, he’ll pitch them to me and to the studio,” Levy explained.

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“The thing that people don’t realize about Ryan is that he’s not one of these movie stars who hides behind a wall of agents and representatives,” he added. “He picks up the call, and he makes the call. He rolls up his sleeves and does the work to get shit done. And that’s very much how I do my job, which is another reason why we hit it off so instantly.”

Until Levy’s movie becomes a reality, check out a “greatest hits” selection of the Reynolds-Jackman faux feud.