Valerie Bertinelli is looking back on the way in which drugs affected her marriage to Eddie Van Halen. 

While speaking on the latest “Literally! With Rob Lowe” podcast, the actress recalled how “cocaine was everywhere” and “easy to get” during the 1980s.

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After joking that Van Halen and his bandmates “weren’t interested in eating,” she added: “Well, I am a prude now but I partaked as well for a few years until I just couldn’t take it anymore.”

Bertinelli ultimately “got tired after awhile of hating the birds chirping, because I got to a point where when I would hear birds chirping I would just get so tense. And it took me years before I enjoyed a sunrise and enjoyed the birds chirping.” However, Van Halen didn’t get sober until 2008, a year after the couple divorced.

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Lowe also spoke about his own drug use in the ’80s, admitting that “we all” took cocaine in that era.

“People were saying it was good for you — it helped you think — and the other thing was it was what ‘successful’ people did in our industry. It was — all the people you admired did,” he remembered. 

Lowe added that “we’re lucky that we got off the ride. You know, ’cause a lot of people follow it all the way down.”