Orville Peck’s new music video features some impressive cameos.

The enigmatic country star released the video for “The Curse of the Blackened Eye” along with more tracks from Bronco at midnight March 11.

He announced the release with a tweet, writing, “Boy, just sing the song for heavens sake 🐍✨”

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While the video features many cameos from fellow musicians like Bria Salmena and Duncan Hay Jennings, Peck’s co-star is “The Walking Dead” actor Norman Reedus.

The actor stars as the eponymous “Curse,” dressed in dark western clothing and makeup as he sends long looks in the masked singer’s direction.

At times the cowboy seems to be an antagonist to Peck, the two glaring at each other, and at other times allies, as they share a bed together while they try to sleep at night.

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In the end they manage to share a hug just before Reedus disappears.

Peck’s Bronco album is due for a full release on April 8, but the artist has been releasing songs from the full collection piecemeal in “Chapters”. Chapter 1 was released on Feb. 11 with the tracks “Daytona Sand”, “Outta Time”, “Any Turn” and “C’mon Baby, Cry”.

Chapter 2 released the tracks “The Curse of the Blackened Eye”‘ “Kalahari Down”‘ “Trample Out the Days” and “Hexie Mountains” on March 11.