Anna Delvey is look back on the moment that she met the actress who portrays her onscreen in Netflix’s new series, “Inventing Anna”.

In a new interview with Spotify’s “Forbidden Fruits” podcast, the 31-year-old revealed what she really thought of Julia Garner.

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anna delvey
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“She came to see me in Albion and she’s a very sweet girl,” said Delvey, while speaking from the Orange County Correctional Facility in Goshen. “We had one meeting and I asked her to do my accent,” she recalled. “And it’s just so weird because the way you hear yourself, it’s just completely different.”

Delvey also admitted that she has watched some episodes of “Inventing Anna”.

“I’ve watched like bits and pieces with a couple journalists but that’s about it,” she shared. “It was tough to watch it, like some pieces I had to look away…It’s just so hard to see how people perceive you. So I’m like, is that how I come across?”

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Elsewhere in the interview, Delvey explained what’s actually going on with her Instagram account, which she says she can’t access from the correctional facility.

“It’s me, but somebody is posting it for me,” she clarified.