WWE wrestler Big E is recuperating in hospital after breaking his neck during a match aired during this week’s edition of “WWE Smackdown”.

Fans watched as the WWE star, whose real name is Ettore Ewan, faced off against Ridge Holland in a match held in Birmingham, Alabama.

During the match, Holland accidentally dropped Big E on his head in a botched attempt at a suplex outside the ring.

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The match ended immediately, with the injured wrestler taken out of the venue on a stretcher.

The following day, Ettore gave fans an update on his condition in a pair of tweets, revealing he broke his neck.

“I can’t thank all of you beautiful people enough for all of your concern and messages,” he said. “It’s very heartwarming. … I’m gonna be all right. I’ll be good. Don’t worry. Go to sleep. Don’t worry about old me. But for real, thank you. I appreciate all of you.”

In a followup, he had some positive news to share, revealing that while he did fracture two veterbrae, his spinal cord and ligaments were undamaged, and no surgery is necessary, “which I’m very thankful for.”

He also offered praise to the medical staff who’ve been treating him. “If you’re gonna break your neck, do it in Birmingham — they’ve been great!” he joked.