Sean Penn was scheduled to introduce “Licorice Pizza” director Paul Thomas Anderson at Saturday night’s DGA Awards, but was forced to cancel when he tested positive for COVID-19 ahead of the event.

According to Deadline, Anderson made the announcement from the stage of the event, held by the Directors Guild of America.

“Sean tested positive for COVID, which is kind of crazy considering what he’s done for all of us,” Anderson said of Penn, who recently returned from Ukraine, where he’s been filming a documentary about the Russian invasion.

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“Like a World War I veteran coming home, slipping on a step,” Anderson observed. “So, it’s a drag not to have him here. It’s a pleasure to work with him and all the actors. It’s the best part of this job that we all have.”

However, on Sunday morning, a rep for Penn told The Hollywood Reporter that the initial test result appeared to be a false positive.

According to the rep, Penn had never been symptomatic and that he tested negative that morning, 48 hours after being tested in accordance with attending the DGA Awards.