Charlamagne Tha God is speaking out against Kanye West once again.

During the “Breakfast Club”, the host pointed out how West’s frequent posts and actions towards ex-Kim Kardashian and her new partner Pete Davidson are only making him look bad.

“This is all coming from a place of love, Donkey of the Day for Monday, March 14 goes to Kanye West,” Charlamagne said. “Now we have to be specific nowadays ’cause people try to conflate situations in order to defend and justify BS. That’s what happens a lot in the case of Kanye West—nobody is better at conflating BS with real issues to make himself look like the victim than Kanye West.”

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Charlamagne could relate to West’s requests not to have daughter North on TikTok but said that didn’t excuse his distasteful actions towards Davidson such as his “Eazy” music video.

“Kanye doesn’t want his kids on TikTok, I understand that totally,” he said. “Kanye West, this is Charlamagne talking. … You have more negative influence on people than TikTok ever will. Does Kanye West think depicting the murder of his ex-wife’s boyfriend in a music video, decapitating him and burying him, is a positive image? Is he okay with his kids, or any kids, seeing those images? You think that video of you murdering Pete wasn’t all over TikTok?”

Over the weekend, alleged texts between Davidson and West went viral with Global‘s “Saturday Night Live” star telling the rapper to get help. Davidson has been open in the past about his own mental health struggles.

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Charlamagne warned West is “playing a dangerous game.”

“He told you to go get some help,” Charlamagne said. “You just mad that Pete Davidson is with Kim Kardashian. He’s done nothing to you, your ex-wife chose him!”

Charlamagne didn’t explain what West told him was “really bothering” him but said West’s rants make it hard to take him seriously.

“You know I know! You can fool people on social media, you can fool the general public, but you know I know. Let’s just leave it at that for now…unless, Kanye, you want me to say more. Personally, I’ma just send you some healing energy,” he concluded.