It’s “Succession” meets “Euphoria”.

On Monday night, Brian Cox appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and indulged the host in creating a “Euphoria” mashup.

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In the clip, the actor is digitally inserted into a scene from HBO’s stylish teen drama, replacing actress Sydney Sweeney as her character is asked why she’s dressed like a character in the musical Oklahoma!.

“Do I look like I’m in Oklahoma!?” Cox asks, wearing a button-down shirt tied up at the bottom, with a cowboy hat on his head.

After being pressed more by the other girls in the scene, Cox breaks down, shouting, “F**k it! I’m in love with Nate Jacobson and he’s in love with me, and don’t you f**king give me that look, Maddie. I didn’t f**k your boyfriend. You two were broken up for three weeks and three days before we even had sex, so I didn’t betray you.”

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“Plus,” he continues, “you guys are terrible for each other and you know I’m right.”

Zendaya’s narration then breaks in to say, “But she didn’t say that. In fact, it was much weirder.”

“Don’t f**k with me, Maddie. I’m one crazy-a** b***h,” Cox says, before pulling out an apple and loudly chomping down on it.