“Bridgerton” star Jonathan Bailey is sharing what it was like filming intimate scenes with co-star Simone Ashley.

Speaking with the Sunday Times, the actor revealed that his main focus while shooting season 2’s sex scene was making sure his co-star was comfortable.

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“For a man it is less exposing,” he explained. “I wanted to make sure Simone felt safe as a newcomer on set.”

He said that the show’s sex scenes will still be shot with a “female gaze,” but that the actors had a contract detailing what exactly each of them was willing to do and show onscreen, including “which bit of skin” they would expose and “where” and “how” they would be touched.

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“No one goes into a scene quaking, worrying about how it will go — if you are concerned you can talk to them,” Bailey said. “It turns sex scenes into a choreographed dance.”

“Bridgerton” returns for season 2 on March 25.