The Academy Awards may be a star-studded extravaganza but one star who won’t be in attendance this year is Mark Rylance.

The actor, who won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 2016 for Steven Spielberg’s “Bridge Of Spies”, tells Radio Times he declined his invitation.

“I won’t be going this year. To be honest, they’re actually really boring,” the 62-year-old says. “I don’t think awards are a serious marker of what the greatest or most inspiring things are, but it’s nice to be celebrated.”

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Rylance is part of the ensemble cast of Adam McKay’s “Don’t Look Up”, which is nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

Though Rylance acknowledges the positives that come with being an Oscar winner, it took the actor a long time to put his Best Supporting Actor Oscar on display in his home.

“I don’t like to be ostentatious about that kind of thing. It was in a box for a long time. I think it’s now on a shelf.”

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