Being on the other end of a Venus Williams serve seems scary.

On Monday night, the tennis superstar appeared on “The Late Late Show”, where host James Corden had her and fellow guest Zach Braff play a game of “Target Practice”.

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In this case the target was Nick Bernstein, the CBS senior vice-president of late night programming. Corden joked “there is no junior” in his lengthy title.

Braff was first up, taking a tennis serve directly at a heavily padded and helmeted Bernstein, followed by Corden himself, both landing a ball on the network exec.

Then Williams stepped up for her turn, but in a twist, Corden placed a pink water bottle on Bernstein’s head as a target.

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Her first few shots were close, but not quite there.

“How in the world am I not hitting this?!” she explained after four attempts.

After another few tries, including one that hit the executive square in his mask-protected face, Williams finally hit the bottle on the seventh serve.