Eric Stonestreet had quite the story to tell regarding his old frat house as he chatted to Drew Barrymore on Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show”.

The actor said of visiting his hometown of Kansas City with his “Modern Family” co-star and close friend Jesse Tyler Ferguson: “We went back to my alma mater, Kansas State University and Jesse was like ‘where did you live when you were here?’ I said ‘well I lived in a fraternity house.’

“He said ‘let’s go.’ And this was like at 12, after the bars were closing, so we just roll over and we go to my old room, knock on the door, nobody answers, check the door, go in and there’s a lovely young couple up in a bed, like pull the blankets back and I’m like ‘hi’… and this is like at the height of ‘Modern Family’ so they’re like ‘what the bleep?’ Mitch and Cam are standing in their room. They’re post-coitus.”

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Stonestreet joked that he was like “I used to do this here.”

Barrymore also showed viewers a photo of the star with Rihanna.

He responded, “Hey Riri! Oh man, this was at the Women In Film party at the Chateau [Marmont] one year, and I’m there with lots of my friends, doing the Hollywood thing hanging out.

“And, I had seen Rihanna across the room but I’m not the person to go over and say anything. Well, at one point I look over and she’s [beckoning me over]. So I walk over and her group was like ‘Rihanna watches the show, we love it so much’ and she like asked for a picture.

“I’m like ‘yes I wanted a picture but I just didn’t have the courage to come over and ask for one.’ That’s not the best part,” Stonestreet added, before revealing how Ferguson reacted to the snap.

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He went on, “The best part is Jesse, my co-star, and his husband were at the party that night and they wanted to get a picture but Jesse did the same thing I did, ‘I’m not going over to Rihanna to bother her for a picture’… so I go to work the next morning Jesse’s like ‘Eric you got me in so much trouble last night,’ I’m like ‘what happened?’ He’s like ‘the picture of you and Rihanna,’ I’m like ‘she asked me I didn’t do it, it’s not my fault.'”

“The Drew Barrymore Show” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. ET on Global.

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