A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant got stumped by a music lyric that was already spelled out.

On Tuesday’s show, Chris Bryant was looking to solve a puzzle featuring lyrics from the Eurythmics classic “Sweet Dreams”, but got tripped up by a commonly misheard word in the song.

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“Sweet dreams are made of this” was the correct answer, and though the word “this” was already spelled out, Bryant flubbed by pronouncing it as “these.”

Though the contestant’s answer was technically incorrect according to the published lyrics of the song, his confusion is a common one, as in the song itself, singer Annie Lennox does sound like she’s saying “these,” even rhyming it later with the word “seas.”

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On Twitter, many were surprised by the information about the real lyric.

Though he missed the win on that puzzle, Bryant did go on to the bonus round and managed to take home $26,405 in prizes.