Scarlett Johansson wouldn’t have given Colin Jost a chance when the pair were back in high school.

Johansson chatted to Drew Barrymore about her husband Jost on Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show”, with the host showing a photo of the “Saturday Night Live” star from back when he was a teenager.

Barrymore questioned whether high school Johansson would be into high school Jost, to which she replied: “I don’t think so, no. Firstly my brother had that same haircut… I just can’t.

“There’s no way… I mean who decided on that cut as a stylish thing? Like what hairdresser was like, ‘I’ll try this’?” she added of the curtains hairstyle that was popular in the ’90s.

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Barrymore and Johansson also spoke about bonding while shooting the 2009 flick “He’s Just Not That Into You”.

Johansson shared: “We shot that I think it was like a CVS or a Rite Aid or something that they closed, and they said ‘you guys feel free to go shopping while you’re in this Rite Aid,’ and I think you and I bonded because I was like ‘Oh my God. I love a Rite Aid,’ and you were like, ‘This is my dream to spend all day in a pharmacy,’ and so we just went up and down the aisles doing our shopping.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, the “Black Widow” star spoke about the timing being just right when she and now-hubby Jost started dating around May 2017. They’d known each other for years at that point.

Barrymore asked, “So, you knew him, did you ever find him attractive or was it like, one other time all of the sudden it looked different?”

Johansson responded, “I mean he’s a very cute guy, but the other times I was there I was in another relationship…. This time the timing was right.

“I think he looked differently to me because I was available, the timing just has to be right. I think that I definitely have been in relationships where the timing is not right… and sometimes it’s a good person but the timing [is] off and it’s important to be open to that, too.”

Plus, Barrymore gushed about Johansson’s new skincare line “The Outset”:

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