Yvette Nicole Brown is a big fan of “Abbott Elementary”, and knows exactly which actor the show should cast to play the school’s counsellor: her.

In an upcoming episode of the “Confess Your Mess” podcast hosted by Emile Ennis Jr. and AJ Gibson, the former “Community” star expresses her love for Quinta Brunson’s critically acclaimed sitcom and puts herself forward for a role on the show.

“The whole show is perfection,” says Brown.

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“I am praying that they call me to come to play the school counsellor or somebody,” she adds. “I would love to be on that show out of all the ones that are on the air… I love ‘Abbott Elementary’. I love it so much.”

During the conversation, Brown also shares her goal of someday being able to say so long to Hollywood.

“My biggest dream — y’all gonna think I’m crazy — I dream of retirement all the time. I dream about having amassed enough nest egg money to say, ‘Bye, Hollywood!’… I would love to be like Doris Day behind some gates somewhere, you know, feeding my dog and binge-watching TV and never heard from again. So I really dream of that peaceful moonwalk out of this career.”

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Of course, Brown also admitted she’s not quite ready to ride into the sunset just yet.

“Now on the way there, I’d love a sitcom — like, you know, a ‘Friends’ or ‘Seinfeld’ — something that makes a whole bunch of money…. But the dream of that is just to get to the ‘Doris Day’.”