Even in tragedy, there can be comedy.

This week, Anderson Cooper once again interviewed Olena Gnes, a Ukrainian woman who has been sheltering in Kyiv since Russia’s invasion began, but this time her kids got all the attention.

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Gnes had her four-month-old daughter on her lap as usual, but this time was joined by her seven-year-old daughter and five-year-old son.

As Gnes talked about the harrowing experience of living through the war, her older daughter mimicked her and made faces to the camera.

Cooper tried very hard to keep a straight face and maintain a serious tone, but he couldn’t hide the crack of a smile at the girl’s adorable antics.

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“They are full of energy and they don’t know where to give this energy,” Gnes said of her kids. “For children it’s pretty, pretty hard. And they feel how stressed we are, adults, and they hear what we are talking about, so yes, they are pretty stressed. But they are coping with this invasion pretty well.”

Her daughter and son at that point were both making faces, causing Gnes and Cooper to share a laugh.

“They’re scary tigers,” Cooper remarked, as the kids growled for the camera.