A man with a moustache captured hearts on the latest “Jeopardy!”.

On Thursday night’s new episode, Dayton, Ohio, native Joel Levinson, head of content at Rize Education, provided a dose of fun and humour during the game.

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With curly hair and a moustache, the contestant approached everything with a goofy charm that for some viewers at home was reminiscent of none other than Borat.

During the show’s interview segment, host Ken Jennings asked about Levinson’s history as a touring musician.

“Well, that’s a pretty grandiose term for what I did, but I sang with Jewish teens and kids around the country and travelled all around the country for a while doing it,” Levinson laughed. “Sort of like a cantor but sillier.”

Later in the show, waiting for Final Jeopardy!, Jennings commented, “You look like a children’s musician. How can this guy not be a children’s musician?”

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As for that last round, the clue was, “This 1962 classic was dedicated to Albert Schweitzer, who predicted that man ‘will end by destroying the earth.’”

“You wrote down the non-fiction classic Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret,” Jennings said while chuckling. “I’m afraid that’s not correct.”

The correct response was Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. Levinson went off with the third place prize of $1,000, and the audience’s heart.