Jacob Elordi is proving he can take the heat.

The “Euphoria” star, who plays the villainous Nate Jacobs on the show, is on the latest episode of “Hot Ones”, eating extremely hot wings while answering questions about his career.

From the first wings, it’s already clear Elordi could feel the spice, though he powers through it to talk about approaching his easy-to-hate character on “Euphoria”.

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“I had a conversation with my mom and I was like, ‘I will not stop defending him,'” he says. “Because that’s my baby … I don’t think anyone could give a performance if I was sitting there like, ‘Man, this guy is like a detestable piece of sh*t. Because then I wouldn’t want to play him.”

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He adds that his job as an actor is “open my heart and mind up a little bit and empathize.”

As the show goes on, Elordi talks about some of his worst auditions, shooting “Euphoria” on 35mm film and Marlon Brando’s influence on his career, all while holding it together impressively well, even up to The Last Dab.