Andy Cohen brought out the bottle for Seth Meyers, his guest on the Thursday, March 17 edition of “Watch What Happens Live”.

The booze poured as the talk show hosts played a round of the drinking game “Never Have I Ever,” with both answering a question about whether or not they’ve done that particular thing, with an affirmative answer requiring a shot to be downed.

For the first question, both men admitted they’ve instructed their respective show’s talent bookers “to not book someone because they were once nasty” to them. Meyers, in fact, admitted he’s “done it a few times. Even if they’ve been nasty to my friends.”

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The next question didn’t even require an answer. “Never have I ever been tipsy on air,” Cohen said, at which both he and Meyers took another swig. “I mean, not on my show, but on yours,” Meyers confirmed.

Had they needed to “stifle a yawn mid-interview?” Cohen admitted he does so “every day,” while Meyers revealed he’s had to fight back sneezes.

“I sneezed once in front of David Ortiz — you know, one of my all-time favourite baseball players — I almost made it and then I sneezed louder than I’d ever sneezed in my life,” he recalled.

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Both also took another sip when asked if they’d ever interviewed a guest they thought the would hate but “ended up loving them,” while Meyers admitted he’s also experienced the opposite.

Finally, they were asked whether they’d ever passed gas in front of a guest mid-interview; Meyers couldn’t recall ever doing that, but Cohen had, revealing it happened while he was speaking with Yolanda Hadid.