Kid Rock is the guest of honour on Monday’s edition of Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” and a sneak peek at the interview finds the “Bawitdaba” rocker as defiant as ever when he discusses so-called cancel culture.

“I am uncancelable,” he declares, prompting host Tucker Carlson to ask why. “‘Cause I don’t give a f***!” he responds with a laugh.

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“I’m not in bed with any big corporate things. At the end of the day, there’s nobody I’m beholden to: no record companies, no corporate interests, no nothing. You can’t cancel me,” he adds. “I love it when they try.”

The interview will air in its entirety on Monday, March 21.

After Carlson shared the clip on Twitter, the post was met with numerous responses referencing a recent report from Mother Jones, which obtained a Kremlin memo instructing Russia’s state media outlets that it’s “essential” to air clips from Carlson’s broadcasts because he “sharply criticizes the actions of the United States [and] NATO, their negative role in unleashing the conflict in Ukraine, [and] the defiantly provocative behavior from the leadership of the Western countries and NATO towards the Russian Federation and towards President Putin, personally.”

Check out a smattering of Twitter responses to Carlson’s post.