Simone Ashley is getting fans ready for “Bridgerton” season 2.

In a new interview with NET-A-PORTER’s Porter magazine, the actress revealed what viewers should expect when the hit Netflix series returns on March 25.

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“The second season is much grittier,” noted the 26-year-old star. “There’s a lot of drama and a lot of sexual tension. My parents will be watching it – but not with me!”

Simone Ashley Courtesy of NET-A-PORTER’s PORTER magazine
Simone Ashley Courtesy of NET-A-PORTER’s PORTER magazine

Ashley will be seen as Kate Sharma, one of the newest arrivals in London and a love interest to Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey).

Discussing the relationship between the characters, Ashley continued, “It’s like a fairy tale, but, you know, it’s not a typical fairy tale because these [are] two incredibly complex characters. For want of a better expression, [it’s] f****d up people with a complicated history.”

On her offscreen relationship with Bailey, Ashley revealed,  “Johnny and I have incredible working chemistry together. It was explosive on set. […] There was no real time to hang out, but we did manage to sneak off for a drink together one day when we were filming on location. We’ve always had each other’s backs from the start; it’s a partnership.”

The British-Indian star also spoke about the responsibility she feels when playing a role.

“Of course, I am deeply proud of my heritage [but] no, I’m not a spokesperson for Indian people, I’m an actress. For me, my responsibility is to read the script, do the work, turn up on set and do a great job. That’s it. I guess everyone deals with it in their own way, but I am an actress at the end of the day. Opportunities should be open for any individual, and I just think us being there is enough.”

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She added, “I am interested in some culturally specific parts, but I want to go up for roles that anyone can go for. I love movies about the human experience, [and] characters with a really interesting journey, who I really want to fight for.”