Sandra Bullock joked about the reason she’s not on social media in a new interview with SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show”.

Julia Cunningham quizzed the actress about her 1995 flick “The Net” and whether Angela Bennett is the reason she stays away from the online world.

Bullock replied, “You just unearthed the social gem that I have been like, ‘No one’s asked me, so I figured they didn’t wanna know.’ I learned a lot.

“We met real hackers and I remember people going, ‘Does that exist? Do you think we could actually order a pizza from your computer?’ And I was like, ‘Yes.’ And hackers, like, ‘What do they look like?’

“I go, ‘Well, ours has sort of long red hair and wears a black hoodie.’ Guess what? That’s what they look like. Yeah, it was something that was so foreign to everyone — much like a bomb on a bus. The hacking was very foreign to people. I choose subject matter that’s just, it’s just so ahead of its time, you know?” she laughed.

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A synopsis for “The Net” reads: “When Angela Bennett, a computer programmer, stumbles upon government secrets, she finds herself on the run from an unknown enemy hell-bent on destroying her completely.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Bullock’s “The Lost City” co-star Daniel Radcliffe spoke about what it’s like working with Channing Tatum, who also stars in the upcoming film.

The “Harry Potter” star shared, “The person he reminded me in a way a little bit of Jon Hamm. Just because they are both these like, incredibly handsome, charismatic dudes who also do not take themselves seriously and really enjoy, and kind of use their handsomeness as part of the joke and there aren’t many guys that look like that, but also have that sense of humour. He’s a joy to be around.”

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Bullock added, “Yeah. Very self-deprecating.”