Kelly Clarkson never saw this one coming.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, the host faced off against guest Anne Hathaway in a game of “Sing That Tune”.

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The rules are simple. A song starts playing, and the first the identify the song by starting to sing along wins.

In a clip from the game, Clarkson literally collapses to the ground when Hathaway beats her to the punch by launching into her classic “Since U Been Gone” after hearing just the opening notes.

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“Kelly Clarkson, if you do not understand how much we all loved that song,” Hathaway laughs. “Everybody here knew it on the first one. Everybody here knew it!”

“Should I just quit?!” Clarkson jokes. “This is embarrassing!”

The song also puts Hathaway ahead with a 4 to 0 lead.