Savannah Guthrie wasn’t impressed with Hoda Kotb’s jump into freezing water.

On Tuesday’s “The Tonight Show”, Jimmy Fallon brought up a controversial topic from earlier this year on the “Today” show.

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Kotb, however, insisted there was “no controversy”: “I think you’re going to bring up what I think needs to be addressed.”

“The polar plunge,” Fallon said, referring to a segment on the morning show in which Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager took a dive into cold waters.

“It was 16 degrees and freezing. Jenna and I were in bathing suits. We had to go into the ocean. Okay,” Kotb said.

Fallon then played the clip of the segment, with the host pointing out that Hager dived right into the water, while Kotb seemed to dunk only her head in before running out.

Guthrie joked that Kotb looked like her head was a chip being dipped in guacamole, at which point Kotb threw to the audience, who sided with her co-anchor.

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Also on the show, Kotb and Guthrie got out a pair of guitars to perform a song.

“I was looking for something different that no one’s ever talked to you guys about and I found something that’s very interesting to me: You both are musically talented — musically gifted, I would say,” Fallon said. “I heard that you both know how to play guitar.”

“We know a few chords,” Kotb said, while Guthrie laughed, “We know G, C and D, like 90 per cent of America.”

The duo then played a rendition of the John Denver classic “Take Me Home, Country Roads”, with Fallon providing backing vocals.